Coaching for busy people on the verge of overwhelm and burnout who want to come back home to themselves.


Hey, I'm Christof

I support men and women who currently experience disconnection from self, stress, frustration and overwhelm - or feel on the verge of burnout - to be whole again, embrace their unique qualities and return to their authentic self.

Have you ever heard yourself saying "Deep down I know everything is fine but...[insert description of problem how everything is not fine]" or "I know deep down that this job, relationship, career, place, partner, etc. is not for me but..."?

My clients - deep down - already have all the answers. However, often these answers can't be seen or heard because:

  • too much busy-ness and mind-chatter clouds everything - all day, every day

  • they are trying to fit in too much and aspiring to be perfect by fulfilling other people's expectations - while neglecting what they themselves truly need and want

  • they hold on to old beliefs that are no longer serving them and that keep them back

  • disempowering habits and perspectives block the way forward and have them stuck in recurring loops

What if instead:

  • you listened to what Deep Down was telling you?

  • Deep Down was not just a soothing mental construct you visited briefly when everything seems to be falling apart?

  • Deep Down was the place you lived in - and operated from - permanently?

  • saying "Deep Down I know everything is fine..." simply turns into "I know everything is fine..."

My purpose is to draw out your Authentic You - the You who emerges behind all the fears, self-criticism, worries and sabotaging beliefs. The You who naturally embodies love, trusts life and is guided by joy. The You who feels your true home is in your heart - your Deep Down - regardless of where you are in the world and whatever external circumstances present themselves to you.

Together, we look at what is no longer serving you and what to let go of. We explore how to change your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and habits that need transforming, and develop your own individualised strategies to get you there.

I walk next to you on your path of re-igniting your innate wisdom, helping you to reconnect with all of yourself so that you will fully step into your personal power and create from your heart.