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When life challenges the f*#k out of you!

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Are you stuck, feeling disconnected from yourself and unsure what to do next? 

Hey, I’m Christof and if life challenges the f*#k out of you right now, you are in the right place!

I support you side-by-side in all aspects of your transformation journey, from start to finish, in a holistic manner.


Together, we find out:​

  • What’s in the way and what needs your attention

  • What you truly want and who you are inspired to become in the process

  • How to get there

​Let’s get unstuck and release what is no longer in your highest good.

What clients say

"Little did I know that our second session would have ended up being a journey down to hell, up to the heavens and back to earth. It is such an intimate experience, and I find it difficult to put it into words, but all I can say is that your sheer presence was the vessel that made the voyage possible."

— Vincenzo L., UK

Meet Christof Zellweger

Transformational Mindfuck® Coach

I support people through the good, the bad and the ugly of their transformational journey.

My service is to create the space where this transformation can safely happen in and then help my clients to fully integrate all their learnings.


As a certified MINDFUCK® coach, I combine my professional expertise with my intuitive guidance to ensure holistic and lasting changes that stick.


What is your story?

Where do you want to go and what is in the way?


And who do you want to become along the way?

Let's find out together.



1-on-1 coaching & facilitation

Reconnect with who you truly are so you can live in your truth.


Uncover your core values

Inspired everyday decision-making through highest-priority values.

Purpose discovery

Create clarity around your unique reason for being here for more fulfillment.



Breathwork guidance & techniques

Learn to regulate your nervous system for less stress & more balance.

Connect with me

+1 (424) 383-3097

  • LinkedIn

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