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Christof Zellweger

Transformational Mindfuck® Coach

Today, I live on a farm, growing food, taking care of animals, organizing meaningful events and building a community with like-minded people who wish to make this world a better place.


But life wasn't always this simple and clear for me. I felt lost, frustrated, angry, sad and I felt the heart-brokenness with what is going on around the world. All the injustice, the pain and the suffering when really we could live in paradise.


I was projecting outward what I was feeling inside. I would always find an enemy to justify my outrage, frustration, despair and hopelessness.


Only when I humbled myself enough to take an honest look in the mirror and take full responsibility for my life did things start to change.


I started by telling the truth to myself about myself. I became curious and created more awareness around my patterns, behaviors and mindset. I tried out a wide range of methods to explore who I was and who I wanted to become. Ever since and still ongoing, It's been a process full of trial and error and it humbled me in all the right ways.


Through my coaching, I want to support people through their own transformational journey. I serve to create space where this transformation can safely happen and to integrate what has been discovered into my client's lives.

Who do you want to be going forward?

Let's find out together.

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