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Christof Zellweger

Transformational Mindfuck® Coach

Growing and gaining knowledge have always been essential values in my life. These values were instilled in me from a young age, and I vividly recall walking up to my dad many times, asking him to buy a book I was interested in. Without hesitation, he would always support my ambitions to learn.


I developed a strong thirst for knowledge and new information. I became fascinated with anything related to personal growth work. I started reading books, attending events, joining groups, and working with coaches. Along the way, I connected with like-minded individuals who shared my passion for growth and transformation.


Life has repeatedly presented me with people and situations to reveal where my inner work lies, which at times led to less-than-flattering moments and behaviours. In fact, it has often been incredibly messy and painful, and I've felt lost, frustrated, helpless and overwhelmed. I avoided my inner world by projecting my heavy emotions outward and finding an enemy to blame in the outer world.

It wasn't until I was humbled enough to take an honest look in the mirror. I realized that true change always and without fail happens on the inside. And yet, it still took me several years for that message to truly sink in. To this day, and through trial and error, I continually discover or rediscover parts of myself that lead me to reimagine and reinvent who I am and who I want to become.

My approach to coaching is designed to support you on your own transformative journey and in a holistic manner where we look at body, mind as well as spirit. I provide a safe, transformational space to explore and integrate self-discoveries into your daily life. Together, we can uncover what's in the way of you becoming who you want to be and then create a path to your most aligned and inspiring future.

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