Practical Self-Love Workshop

Join our day-long workshop on practising self-love and awareness with other open-hearted people.

January 18th, 9.30am - 5pm, Juckerhof Seegräben



Our intention is to create a space and environment where you can dive deeper into - or start diving -  into more self-love, wholeness and self-worth.

It is day-long workshop on learning, re-learning and remembering practical ways on how to love and connect with yourself so that you can feel whole, joyful and in flow with life.

The workshop is setup so that you will draw your own conclusions based on the experiences you make during the many exercises we do during the day.


Because everything in life is easier when you love and accept yourself! The expression of self-love is thrown around quite a bit, and it can feel as if self-love is expected of us. Often though, we don't know where to begin, or ways to start the journey. Suggestions like "...just love yourself", or " need more self-love" are meant well and sound simple enough, yet it's not always so easy to put into action.

That's why we are providing a space where you can learn, talk about and feel ways of fully embracing and being in love with yourself - or at least start the process.


By first becoming conscious of your self-critical and judgmental thoughts. Next, we explore how that feels in your body and how you can handle these emotions more effectively. Then, you will transform all of them which are no longer serving you.

You will be doing individual and group exercises designed to give you an experience of accepting and loving yourself.


The workshop will be held indoors at Juckerfarm in Seegräben, just outside Zurich.

See the video below for some inspiration.


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”



What's standing in the way?

We're often our own worst critic, putting ourselves down and letting fear and worry take over. We are intimately familiar with all our shortcomings and succumb to the illusion that no one is as broken as we are. We think and assume that everybody else has it all figured out.

When we truly connect with others, we are reminded that we all lead very different lives, are very different people, yet we all struggle with very similar things:

  • Am I good, smart, skinny, strong, fit, wealthy enough?

  • Do I fit in?

  • Am I worthy of love? Will I ever find true love?

In this workshop, you will explore your own questions and dive into the answers that come up. We then will be moving past everything that feels heavy so that the true You can emerge.


Connect with your authentic self

Your authentic self emerges naturally when you release and let go of everything that you are not - you are not your fears, you are not what others think of you, you are not your thoughts, you are not your small You, you are not your body and you are also not your accomplishments.

This workshop helps you become more of who you want to become. You will take part in exercises which will support you accessing new concepts and ideas to align your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Curious? Join us for a day of exploring your mind, connecting with your heart and putting into action what you discover in the process. 


Envision what's possible

Create a new future

What thoughts stand in the way of you living your best self? Become aware of your negative self-talk and learn how to treat yourself with more compassion and self-love.

The result? Instead of stress, worry and frustration you will regularly experience more joy, happiness and ease of life. Become clear on the person you want to become.


Know it in your heart

Connect with your feelings

Just as thoughts are the language of the mind, feelings and emotions are the language of the body. We'll be connecting with our feelings and learning how to nurture them, while at the same time thanking and releasing the ones which no longer serve us.

You will empower yourself with effective tools so that you may contend with life's challenges more gracefully and with ease.


Transformation through action

Where the rubber meets the road

Who do you have to become to make the changes last? Change can happen in an instant but conscious effort is needed to make it permanent. Let's all support each other on this journey!

Develop your own strategies based on newly gained perspectives and put them into action for everyday use.


What else?


Serene location

We'll spend the day at Juckerhof next to lake Pfäffikon, just outside Zurich.

Your lunch (included in your workshop fee!) is locally and organically grown right outside our workshop space for optimal nourishment.

Meet & share with others

Meet other like-minded and open-hearted individuals who are also on their own journey.

We are only accepting 12 participants to maintain an intimate environment.

Let's embrace the wisdom of the collective and arrive at our next level together.

Image by Perry Grone
Meditation by the Sea

Unplug to plug in

Take a day off from your everyday reality and plug yourself into nature and your inner world.

What better place to do that than on the beautiful premises of the Jucker Farm - right on the lake, with snow-covered mountains in the background.

Empowering self-talk

Become aware of your sabotaging self-talk and how to change it.

Learn a simple and powerful tool on how to effectively work with your inner critic.

Image by Giulia Bertelli
Image by Amanda Dalbjörn

Connect with the Real You

Reconnect to your authentic self - the self that emerges behind the small You, past your fears and doubts.

Move towards everything that supports the true you and let go of what is in the way.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

All-inclusive 1-day-pass to the workshop is CHF 199. This includes admission fee, lunch, as well as drinks and snacks.

Who is this workshop for?

For the curious and courageous soul who wants to dive deep. It's for the person who wants to create a different future and is ready for a change.

Is there a schedule for the day?

Yes, we have scheduled a 1-hour lunch break around 1 pm, and two smaller breaks of 15 minutes in between. We also want to keep things open depending on the group dynamics.


Your hosts


Christof is a lifecoach and is passionate about supporting others on their path to feeling whole and complete so that they can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Lindsay is a physio, Crossfit coach and personal trainer. She has always been fascinated by relationship dynamics and helping others become their best selves. You can find out more about her services here.