Relationship Workshop

Join our day-long workshop on creating fulfilling, heart-centered and long-lasting relationships.

March 22nd, 9.30am - 5pm, Juckerhof Seegräben


Join us if you want to

Enjoy Clear

Become more present to how you use language. Speak your truth with compassion while still respecting your own values and boundaries.

Create & Deepen

Understand more deeply what makes your partner tick and how you can create closeness and intimate connection.


Find new ways of managing and resolving disagreements and conflicts.



A day-long workshop in a beautiful setting on living and experiencing more free and fulfilling relationships!

Our intention is to create a space and environment where you can explore new ways of being with your partner as well as in relationship with yourself. We focus on clear communication, (re)building connection and ways of dealing with conflict.

The workshop is setup so that you will draw your own conclusions based on the experiences you make during the many exercises we do during the day.


We think that relating to one another, and yourself, holds such a wonderful potential for love, community, support and joy. As humans, we are hard-wired to connect with one another and also we spend the majority of our time in the company each other.

However, we are never taught how to be in and create empowering relationships, we all seem to have to figure it out by ourselves. This is why we created this workshop so that you can try on new perspectives, tools and ways of being that have been proven to lead to more harmony, success and closeness.


The workshop is designed and setup in a way that both singles and couples can  benefit from the presented content and exercises.

It's for the committed couple who wants to deepen their relationship and create new ways of being with each other.

It's for the curious single person who wishes to connect more with themselves and getting more clarity on how the next relationship should look like.


Through getting on the court - which means you'll be doing individual and group exercises designed to give you an experience on different topics such as communication, connection and also clearing unhelpful patterns and trying on new ones. As a result, you will draw your own conclusions and take away what resonates, leaving out the rest.


The workshop will be held indoors at Juckerfarm in Seegräben, just outside Zurich.

See the video below for some inspiration.


“It all comes down to love and relationships in the end. That is all that remains in the final weeks, love and relationships.”

Bronnie Ware


The day will be structured according to the following three categories: communication, connection and conflict management.

Clear communication

Every person has their own views, unwritten expectations and ideas of how things should be. When we're not clear about them and just expect the other to know about what's going on in our heads, we will experience difficulty understanding and relating to each other.

When we know our wants, desires and triggers and have ways of communicating them in a way that the partner can receive, we build a solid basis to further build upon.

Creating connection

What creates connection and when does it break down? When we feel safe to express ourselves fully, we have an opening for building and (re)creating a shared bond, based on mutual trust, love and commitment. For that to happen, we need a sense of connection with the other person.

We will be doing hands-on exercises that will uncover your style of connection and way of being intimate which often makes instant sense and creates a deeper connection as a result.

Conflict management

When communication and connection break down, it often ends in conflict and disharmony where ego takes over and the need to be right wins the upper hand.

Conflict and disagreements are unavoidable, yet the way we handle and react to them can greatly influence how we perceive one another and how we move forward. Working through disagreements with more compassion and understanding is what we will be discussing on the day.


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

C.G. Jung


Your hosts


Christof mostly works with women on the verge of burnout and is passionate about supporting his clients on their path to feeling whole and complete so that they can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.


Lindsay is a physio, Crossfit coach and personal trainer. She has always been fascinated by relationship dynamics and helping others become their best selves. You can find out more about her services here.


What we stand for

If these resonate with you, chances are you will like our workshop and gain value from it.

Growth comes first

We are not attached to whether our relationship ends up ‘working’ or not. We rather look at how we can grow - together and individually - either as lovers, as friends or just as two human beings who strive to make life meaningful and fun by evolving physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

If the relationship is not growing in some way, shape or form, we believe it’s in the process of fading away and eventually dies. We see growth - in all its forms - integral to and inseparable from life which also includes our relationship.

Commitment to choosing Love - always

Whether it’s been a rough day at work, our partner acted in unexpected ways or we feel misunderstood and hurt - choosing Love is a decision and commitment we feel strongly about. Explore and find out how your partner feels loved and why that is so. Then commit to treating him/her in that way.

This can mean to kiss my partner goodnight even though I don’t want to. It might mean to hold hands in a situation where you’d rather be in the next room. Maybe doing a chore out of appreciation even if it’s not your favourite thing to do. Or simply spending time, being fully present with on another.

Not taking things personally

Supporting my partner’s journey and growth is not always rainbows and unicorns - there are times when growing is intimately tied to sadness, anger, frustration and pain. Things might be said that are mean and uncalled for and they can cut deep.

When we’re aware that what comes up for our partners has nothing to do with us, it makes handling those situations a lot lighter and even to the point of joyful as it’s always an opportunity to learn something new about our loved ones.

Taking full responsibility

Like the Yin is to the Yang, so is taking full responsibility to not taking things personally - it’s the counter-balance and one allows for the other, and vice versa. It’s a lot easier to project and lash out at your partner than owning your own hurt & wounds.

We remind each other that we see and are fully supportive of each other, without taking on their stories. We are not at our best when we’re emotionally wrapped up in our partner’s drama.


What else?


Serene location

We'll spend the day at Juckerhof next to lake Pfäffikon, just outside Zurich.

Your lunch (included in your workshop fee!) is locally and organically grown right outside our workshop space for optimal nourishment.

Meet & share with others

Meet other like-minded and open-hearted individuals who are also on their own journey.

We are only accepting 16 participants to maintain an intimate environment.

Let's embrace the wisdom of the collective and arrive at our next level together.

Image by Perry Grone
Meditation by the Sea

Unplug to plug in

Take a day off from your everyday reality and plug yourself into nature and your inner world.

What better place to do that than on the beautiful premises of the Jucker Farm - right on the lake, with snow-covered mountains in the background.

Commit to growth

Whether as an individual or as a couple, you make a stand to want to grow, learn new ways of being and improve upon your challenges.

Like musician Jack Johnson says: "We're better together!"

Image by Alex Iby

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

All-inclusive 1-day-pass to the workshop is CHF230.- per person. This includes admission fee, the workbook, lunch, as well as drinks and snacks.

Who is this workshop for?

For the curious and courageous individual as well as the couple who wants to dive deeper into their relationship with self and/or their partners. It's for the person who wants to create a different future and is ready for a change.

Is there a schedule for the day?

Yes, we have scheduled a 1-hour lunch break around 1 pm, and two smaller breaks of 15 minutes in between. We also want to keep things open depending on the group dynamics.