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  • Christof Zellweger

How to have a balanced and grounded understanding of your values

For 2023, my wife and I have made "truth" our highest value to strive for in our relationship. The ideal of "truth" in our understanding means the unapologetic expression of our most authentic version of ourselves in any given moment.

We embark on this journey with a sense of excitement as well as anticipation, knowing full well the potential challenges that lie ahead as we strive to embody these truths both individually and as a couple.

Yet, the reality seldom aligns with such idealistic notions. Life has a way of presenting us with both sides of the coin, which in itself is a beautiful aspect as it allows us to embrace the entirety of our experiences—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

To harness the true power of our values, we must appreciate and acknowledge both the supportive as well as challenging dimensions they bring.

In our example of "truth" as the guiding principle for 2023, here is what rings true to us at this time:

By committing to truth, our aim is to foster honesty and transparency in our communication, thereby nurturing trust and fortifying our long-term bond. We firmly believe that this commitment will encourage authenticity and ultimately lead to a more profound and gratifying partnership.

On the flip side, embodying truth can also invite uncomfortable and confrontational situations that demand courage and vulnerability. Speaking our truth entails expressing what is most present within us, and this can encompass a wide range of emotions, including hurt, pain, frustration, anger, or guilt. These intense emotions necessitate patience, understanding, and compassion from both of us.

It is an inseparable duality, like the Yin and Yang—one cannot exist without the other and each contains the seed that gives rise to the opposite.

To unlock the great potential inherent in our core values, it is crucial to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of their impact on our lives. By digging in and embracing a 360-degree perspective, we gain deeper insight into the richness and significance that our chosen values bring, on both sides of the coin.

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