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Who are you being?

I have always been interested in diving into the big questions surrounding our existence and what creates meaning, happiness and wholeness in people's lives. I came across many interesting ideas and viewpoints, read ferociously on a wide range of topics which would challenge and change more of my previously - and so dearly - held beliefs.

I now know that the set of beliefs we hold on to are meant to change and constantly evolve. The less we attach to any of them, the more fluid, effective and effortless we move through the constantly transforming outside world.

I had to ask myself who I needed to become, in my place of Deep Down, to be at peace and in connection with the authentic me? Who are you being today and what is your vision of yourself in the future? Who are you striving to become to lead the life you have always wanted, away from the heaviness and busy-ness we so often let ourselves become trapped in?

My intention for my clients is to support them in adopting new ways of being and seeing the world and their challenges with new eyes. With this, they can move forward with confidence, courage and a knowing that they can handle anything that comes their way.

A client used to have a core belief that said "I have lived an unforgivable life and therefore I need to suffer". Another client was trying to overcome and counteract a voice that kept whispering "You are broken." Seeing the weight drop off clients' shoulders when they release and let go of such beliefs is an amazingly beautiful and touching experience to witness, each and every time. The twinkle in their eyes when they realise the lightness that can now come into their life and how this allows them to make significant changes - with hardly any effort - feels exceptionally meaningful to me.

So, who are you being right now? And who would you have to become to deal with the adversity you are facing at this time?

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“You must want to spend the rest of your life with yourself first.”

Rupi Kaur


"Help others - or don't be whole"

For a long time, I operated in the world with the following beliefs:

  • If I can help, I must help.

  • If I don't help, others will leave me and I will be alone.

  • If I'm alone, I'm not whole.

So in short, I had the belief that "If I don't help, I am not whole".

On the one hand, this was a wonderful strategy for forming strong social bonds, making friends and feeling accepted, liked and loved.

On the other hand, it led me to continually disregard and downplay my own needs and desires, seeing myself as unimportant - or at least not as important as others - placing the interests of others before my own and avoiding conflict at all costs. As a result, I often felt frustrated or resentful. I would not stand up for myself. I would jeopardise long-term stability for short-term harmony, not wanting to engage in disagreements. Having a dispute or conflict of any kind, I believed, could naturally increase the chances of people leaving, and as a consequence me not feeling whole.

Realising this one belief mentioned above has had quite the impact on me and allowed for further exploration and expansion into who I want to be and become.

One of the learnings was that any belief I have has some sort of impact on my everyday reality and how I act in the world. So new questions arose:

  • What beliefs and behaviours lead to a life of wholeness?

  • What does feeling and being whole even mean to me?

Answering these questions for myself allowed for experiences that now also inform my style of coaching.



My four-year coaching education to become Master Life Coach (DBCA) and certified MINDFUCK-Coach nach Dr. Bock® was completed at the Dr. Bock Coaching Academy (DBCA) in Berlin, Germany. The Dr. Bock Coaching Academy is one of Europe's most well-renowned institute in the field of life and business coaching. The founder, Dr. Petra Bock, is the inventor of the MINDFUCK-methodology, an award-winning coaching method to understand and transcend self-sabotage patterns so pervasive in many people's life.

My academic background is in computer science, with a BSc in computer science from the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil, and a MSc in computer science from the University of Melbourne, Australia. I have worked as a software engineer in the industry for 9+ years and always enjoyed the intellectual challenges and creative solution-finding necessary to complete the tasks at hand.


Other tidbits about me

My wife and I are both very passionate about creating an outstanding relationship and supporting others in that same process.

We instantly fell in love with the puppy-pictures of Speck - our french bulldog - that the breeder sent to us. His ears were so big and floppy that Speck already had a place in our hearts before we even first met him. He's very playful, can gnaw on a piece of bone for hours and his most favourite position to snooze and snuggle is on our bellies.

I spend my free time doing a lot of exercise and physical activities of all sorts. I played Handball for over 20 years growing up and currently am involved with Crossfit, weightlifting and a few other sports. I also work as a trainer at Reebok Crossfit Zurich.

I am intensely obsessed with learning and sucking up new information that I can put to good practical use. Topics can include anything from personal development, to politics, history, health, psychology, technology, exercise and spirituality. I'm a ferocious reader and also greatly enjoy expanding my understanding through well-made documentaries, or listening to interesting interviews with fascinating personalities.

As a kid, I played the accordion and took part in the Swiss national championships. 

I was once unwittingly involved in a drug deal in a foreign country. Ask me for more details over coffee 😉