How I support you

I help my clients to feel whole again and to see their true selves. This leads to natural self-confidence, self-worth and knowing what they truly want.

Together, we shift the perception you have of yourself so you can fully express and become the integrated person that you already are.

I support you in uncovering, understanding and adjusting the behaviours and habits that stand in your way and block you from authentically being you.

We are creating a space where we can have an open and effective conversation that helps you move forward in a way where you feel in alignment with your head and heart.

We confront your challenges with curiosity and courage.

I'm not your cheerleader, nor do I offer motivational coaching. The power of my coaching lies in getting to the bottom of everything that is holding you back so that you can move from a place of clarity and truth.

This ensures the intrinsic motivation to act in accordance with what you ultimately desire and effectively moves you a step ahead in the right direction.


Who I work with

The men and women I work with are typically light-hearted, energetic, very creative, good at communicating, resourceful and great at expressing their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

They are very reflective and know themselves quite well. They can talk freely about what is bothering them. And once we develop trust, they find it easy to let down their guard and be transparent. I very much appreciate their natural inquisitiveness and also their willingness to be seen.

What I love in particular about my clients is that they are all unique in some way, but don't yet know how to embrace that uniqueness. I help them to love their individual qualities and see them as strengths instead of weaknesses. 

They know that the small amount of courage necessary for trusting and letting someone be witness to their inner world is the first step in creating the possibility for true transformation.



Coaching is not therapy or medical treatment. I am not diagnosing or treating any medical or psychological condition. If you are unsure whether coaching is right for you in your current situation, please ask.

I am not a licensed health care provider, nor do I engage the practice of medicine. Similarly, I am not a counselor or therapist.

All advice both on this website and during one-on-one life coaching sessions is given in good faith and without prejudice and must be deemed appropriate by yourself.